ABT Cyber Security Notification

ABT Cyber Security Notification

As the Cyber Threat landscape continues to evolve and cybercriminals increasingly exploit vulnerabilities, Australian businesses need to be aware of risks and adopt adequate defences against these cyber threats. ABTechnologies now needs to improve our client defences against cyber threats and reduce risk.

Our client’s existing IT Support Agreement, developed in a time where cybercrime was less of a threat, only has limited scope for the security framework and controls required to protect your business. As your IT provider, ABTechnologies has made the important decision to include our ABT Essential Security in all Comprehensive/Silver and Complete/Gold client agreements, starting 1st January 2023.

Our new ABT Essential Security agreement add-on will bring the latest technologies and recommended security baselines across all our valued clients: this will ensure our clients have a solid foundation from which security can be continually reviewed and hardened to adjust to the rapidly evolving security landscape and technology changes.

Included in ABT Essential Security:

  • Microsoft Baseline Controls: Implementation of the latest recommended Microsoft baseline controls: secure and protect identity and devices.
  • Advanced 365 Management: Manage active threats and support users.
  • Microsoft 365 Secure Score: Improvement of Microsoft 365 Secure Score.
  • ACSC Essential Eight: Adoption of ACSC Essential Eight Technical Controls: Maturity Level 1 (1-4).
  • Protection and Monitoring: Continuous leaked credential & external vulnerability monitoring. Content filtering.
  • Cyber Security Training: Phishing simulation & cyber security awareness training (1 year subscription).

We also offer two additional Managed Security Services add-ons, ABT Extended Security and ABT Premium Security.

These services are a must for security-conscious customers looking to be compliant with their cyber insurance providers, adopting all of the ACSC Essential Eight technical controls, Security Operations Center (SOC) services, and Advanced Threat Detection, Defence and Response leveraging Microsoft Sentinel Cloud-native SIEM.  

If you wish to move to one of our all-inclusive agreements that now feature ABT Essential Security, or would like to upgrade your security package with us, please let us know.

Thank you for your continued business and support throughout 2022. We wish you and your family a safe holiday and a prosperous new year.

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