A complete, comprehensiveextensiveall-inclusive assessment of your organisation’s IT environment

90% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks… too many users with excessive access privileges, an increasing number of devices with access to sensitive data, and the increasing complexity of information technology. ”
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Check and identify information security deficiencies within your organisation

  • Network Scanners. Identify vulnerabilities to DDoS and Brute force attacks, network misconfigurations, packet spoofing, and more.
  • Protocol Scanners. Identify weak spots in network services, protocols, IPs, ports, and more
  • Web Application Scanners. Unauthenticated or authenticated scans of public facing websites with review of OWASP top 10 best practices.
  • Email Threat Scanners. Review public and private crypto-based and domain based authentication protocols.
  • Office 365 & Azure Scanners. Review of Microsoft Secure Score, authentication policies, and more.
  • Dark Web Scanners. Identify leaked accounts and credentials on the web.

A complete, comprehensiveextensiveall-inclusive assessment of your IT environment

Benefits of an IT Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identify and respond to potential and current weaknesses in your devices, applications, software, websites, and more.
  • Detect and repair potential and current weaknesses in your network before they are exploited, or prevent further exploitation.
  • Understand and enhance your organisation’s current cyber security posture, providing recommendations to fortify security, and reduce risk levels.
  • Determine and comply to policy compliance regarding disaster recovery, employee training, and industry regulations.

“ Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and it boils down to this:
In cybersecurity, the more systems we secure, the more secure we all are.”
Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security


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As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Alliance Business Technologies prioritises continually honing our expertise in Microsoft technologies. We have consistently developed new Microsoft offerings before our competitors in order to help clients modernise and secure their IT departments—and in turn, to help ensure their success in the era of remote work.

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