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Benefits of consideringchoosing Managed IT Finance

With Managed IT Finance, your cash is not tied up in equipment costs. Financing frees up cash for more strategic investments, or for the innovation you need for your business to grow.

Use our Managed IT Finance, so you don’t tie up your lines of credit, leaving more capital available for when it is needed.

You can finance up to 100% of your equipment costs with our finance provider, in most cases including, additional to soft costs such as software with the ability to bring your technology together in one monthly bill for, maintenance and services. We can also finance the non-Epson equipment components of your total solution, subject to some limitations.

Fixed monthly or quarterly payments help you manage your budget.

Pay for the equipment as it produces the revenue or productivity benefits you want, not before. This allows you to match inflows to outflows.

Our Managed IT Finance offers a variety of traditional and customized structures to meet your needs.

Financing allows you the flexibility to upgrade to new technology to match your current and future business needs.

“Off-balance-sheet” financing may allow your company to comply with bank and loan covenants, stay within capital budget constraints, and improve certain financial ratios.

Financing provides you with end-of-lease options and the flexibility to return, purchase, or upgrade your equipment as your business requires.

Payment deferral options and further financing offers and programs are available to ensure you get the right technology in the most straightforward way possible.

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" You are cruising along, and then technology changes.
You have to adapt." - Marc Andreessen

Managed IT Finance – Comparison Table

Managed Finance

  • Qualifies for Off Balance Sheet Reporting.
  • Simple accounting if the Equipment, Software & Services are 100% for business use then the payment is 100% tax deductible
  • Preserves Working Capital. Paying a monthly rental on the asset as it is used to earn income.
  • No Residual value liability.
  • Flexibility to add or upgrade new technology anytime during the life of the agreement (add new equipment / solutions as required, all on one monthly invoice)
  • Ultimate Flexibility.
    • Starts with a Master Agreement.
    • New schedules can then be added at any time and funded for an appropriate working term.
    • If a component of the program needed to be upgraded, a partial payout is available.
    • In addition services are flexible and adjusted to meet business requirements.
  • Available for “IT” as a Service. Hardware, Software, Managed Services, Implementation and professional Services. Intangible items can be incorporated and form part of the program for the client.
  • Manages risk of obsolescence. Provides capacity for equipment and services as required
  • No end of term issues as equipment may be refreshed as required in line with schedule term. Provides flexible alternatives.
  • GST paid with your payments can be claimed on your Business Activity Statement.

Outright Purchase

  • Needs to be shown on the Balance sheet as an asset, showing the reduction in cash reserves or increase in liability.
  • Yearly accounting requirements of calculating the depreciation on the asset and the relative balance sheet adjustments will be required. Only services are fully deductable.
  • Reduces Working Capital. Having to pay completely for the asset today.
  • No Residual value liability.
  • To upgrade to new technology the client would need to trade in or write off the old equipment and then find the funds to purchase new equipment.
  • Add ons and upgrades will be paid for in full by the client, which again reduces working capital.
  • Client pays cash. Reduction in working capital again.
  • Risk of obsolescence.

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