Empowers your organization to defendprotectshield against modern attacks with Microsoft SIEM and XDR

Baseline security framework reducingminimising risk and addressing compliance requirements

We'll implement the typical controls recommended by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC):

  • Implement the ASCS Essentials Eight Maturity Model to Level 1 across all 8 key controls.
  • Adopt actions outlined in the control guidelines.
  • Review and Implement severalsecurity focus features with existing software and services already own by the client, including
    Microsoft Windows, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure security.

Review and creation of organization specific ICT policy and procedures that support security and privacy best practice.

  • Cyber Incident Response: most Australian companies require response plan ABT will tailor one for your organisation train you how to use it and help you publish it to your team.
  • Disaster Recover and Business Continuity plan: all Australian businesses need a disaster recovery and business continue plan.
  • Review Vendor and Supplier Security Posture: ABT will provide the assessment criteria by which the client can review 3rd party providers, allowing the client to assess third party providers security maturity level.
  • Implement regular Cyber Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulation Campaign: For most Cyber Insurance policies, security awareness and training requirements are mandatory. Make it easy for your organization to meet regulations, fight security risks, and stay secure with a ready-to-launch training program.

  • Leaked Credential Monitoring: all client domains will be continually monitored and alerted with our Risk Detection Assessment for Dark web vulnerabilities.
  • External Vulnerability Alerts: all client public IP Addresses will be continually monitored and alerted for potential security issues.
  • Content Filtering: when not already in place, ABT will provide content filtering to block access to known malicious website and specific content that may result in accessing an unsecure website.

  • Security operations center Team(SOC): Our SOC Team monitors, prevents, detect, investigate, and respond to Cyber threats. Monitoring is 24x7, and critical alerts are actioned during business hours.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM):We can helps
    organisations detect, analyse, and respond to security threats before they harm business operations. SIEM gives organizations visibility into activity within their network so they can respond swiftly to potential cyberattacks and meet compliance requirements.
  • Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR): A stack of compatible software programs that enables an organization to collect data about security threats and respond to security events without human assistance. The goal of using a SOAR platform is to improve the efficiency of physical and digital security operations.
  • Advanced Detection and Response (XDR) Automatically collects, correlates, and analyses signal, threat, and alert data from across your Microsoft 365 environment, including endpoint, email, applications, and identities. XDR is an evolution of EDR (Endpoint Detection and response) where EDR focuses on the endpoint, XDR incorporates signals from the entire environment to track the threat lifecycle.

  • Simplify the way your business manages compliance. We calculate a risk-based score measuring progress towards completing recommended actions that help reduce risks around data protection and regulatory standards. It also provides workflow capabilities and built-in control mapping to help you efficiently carry out improvement actions.
  • Minimize internal risks by detecting, investigating, and acting on malicious and inadvertent activities in your organization. Risk analysts in your organization can quickly take appropriate actions to make sure users are compliant with your organization's compliance standards.
  • Set controls for key regulations and standards for data protection and general data governance.
  • Provides visibility into your organisation's data and policy templates for reducing privacy risks.


Implement the latest recommended Microsoft baseline controls to secure and protect identity and devices

These Default Microsoft Baseline Configurations and policies will include, but be limited to the following:

  • Deploy conditional Access policy to enforce MFA for admins and all users
  • Block legacy authentication.
  • Device enrolment in Intune and End Point Manager.
  • Set up Microsoft Defender for Business, Exchange Online Protection and Microsoft Defender for Office 365.
  • Configure Microsoft Defender Antivirus and Firewall for Windows 10 and later.

" Security is a process, not a product."

- Bruce Schneier, Security Technologist

Advanced 365 management for active threats and user support

We will secure your 365 services and connected endpoints by:

  • Implement consistent security configurations and policies for your tenant and monitor adoption.
  • Monitoring and management of multifactor authentication and conditional access policies across the tenant.
  • Basic threat management of Windows 10 devices and above, with an active detected threat.
  • Tenant insights on device compliance with a clear view of how devices are being evaluated across the tenant and the compliance status.
  • Implementation of controls and tools to clean up and improve efficiency of tenant active directory.
  • Apply and update the Microsoft 365 security baseline policy recommended for best practices across small and medium-sized business tenants.

Security OptionsAdd-OnsAgreementsPlans Available

Essential SecurityMost Popular$POA

  • IT Security Features:
  • ACSC Essentials Eight Maturity Framework: Level 1 (Controls 1-4)
  • Cyber Security Training
  • Perimeter Protection and Monitoring
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Extended Security (MXS)Highly Recommended$POA

    • All the benefits of Essential Security plus:
    • ABT Managed Extended Security (MXS)
      • Threat Protection & Response: Collect, Detect, Investigate & Respond
      • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
      • Security Orchestration, Automation, & Response (SOAR)
      • Security Operations Center (SOC)
      • Advanced Detection and Response (XDR)
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