Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Will your employee be able to work from home in the event of a catastrophe or company lock down?
Disasters can come in all shapes and sizes. Over the last several months a number of disasters have affected the ability of  Australian businesses to operate, and as the world faces a continued risk with the COVID-19 (Corona) virus outbreak, now is the time to consider your business continuity plan (BCP). Being prepared for disasters mitigates much of the risk extended unavailability of your office presents to your business. A BCP considers these risks, and helps you assess the ability of your staff to work remotely, or from home.
The key is to define the roles of your staff members, and identify those that are required to keep critical business processes running during these unplanned and stressful circumstances. When this is established, you will need to consider how these users are going to access the network. Things to look out for are:

  • Can users access internal IT resources (files, devices) via a VPN?
  • Does the company have the required internal IT Infrastructure and applications available for workforce mobility?
  • Can Email and Office 365 be accessed externally?
  • Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in place to mitigate security concerns?
  • Do staff have critical software and business applications available on personal devices?
  • Do you have a suitable working remotely/from home policy in place to reduce WPHS risks

ABTechnologies can help you with finding the answers to these questions. Modern workplace technologies can assist you in having your staff work remotely when disaster strikes. We can assist in setting up Microsoft Teams for collaboration, enabling workforce mobility. And if needed we can deploy Windows Virtual Desktops for your staff to use while not being in the office, providing a secure and efficient way to continue working when the office is not available.

Please reach out to our Customer Relations Managers at if you would like to discuss these options with us.

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