MFA Security Updates

In case you missed our recent email notification, as a part of our continually improvement across our clients we will be rolling out some additional security enhancements aimed at tightening security.

Remember, security is a shared responsibility and if your business has never undertaken MFA improvements, had a Business Technology Review, or a Vulnerability Assessment, then you are at risk.

It is highly recommended that all clients undertake regular security audits to reduce risk. If you have any questions, please contact us

Multi-factor Authentication:

The No.1 security requirement for all businesses is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). Our efforts in keeping you secure are focused on enhancing multiple levels of authentication, and to review your overall login experience.

Please see below for the upcoming security enhancements:

  • Passwordless sign-in availability across all clients
  • Requirement of MFA when connecting to Azure Virtual Desktop.
  • Implementation of a ’nudge’ function to remind users to configure MFA.
  • Applying enhanced user MFA policies. **Please note, possible disruption to users who have not configured MFA.
  • Blocking Legacy authentication. ** Please note, possible disruption to clients who have not undertaken MFA improvements.

We take security seriously, and if your business is impacted in any way from the above enhancements, then your businesses is currently unprotected and at risk.

For more information, please read the below articles:

Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

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