Why does my Server need Endpoint Protection?

Why does my Server need Endpoint Protection?

Microsoft Defender Anti-Virus consistently performs highly in independent tests, displaying how it’s a top choice in the antivirus market. Since June 2020, Defender has scored 100% on every test by AV-TEST  in realistic test scenarios and real world threats.

With Microsoft Defender built in to Windows 10, Microsoft has access to threat insights on a global scale allowing immediate detection of new threats and vulnerabilities.

When adding cloud heuristics to Microsoft Defender via Defender for Endpoint (formerly Advanced Threat Protection), we gain significant visibility into attacker activities and reduce manual work for our security team to resolve threats and detections with Automated Remediation.

With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence powered by Defender for Desktop, Microsoft can analyse behaviour and stop viruses and malware at first sight. Stopping a cyberattack seconds after a campaign start.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint will automatically attempt to remediate any threats detected without intervention using their AI reducing exposure time and increasing overall security.

In comparison, with any other Anti-Virus product, whether Defender Anti-Virus, Webroot or even ESET, any remediation is manual and recovery time back to full operation can take up to days.

Defender for Endpoint reduces this time to mere seconds keeping you secure for longer and saving you money.

Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

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