Microsoft Security – leading the market in Antivirus Endpoint Protection

Microsoft Security – leading the market in Antivirus Endpoint Protection

Global events of the last 12 months have spurred major changes in the business environment, including rapid digital transformation for many businesses. The pandemic has changed the way people and businesses work.  Whilst the dynamic new business landscape offers excellent opportunities, it is also fraught with risk. Working from home, using less standardised devices, poorly protected networks and limited physical security has led to an increase in cyber threats previously unseen. And your staff need to be protected from this.

As the largest IT Vendor, Microsoft has invested significantly in security software. According to a recent Gartner report, Microsoft is the leader in Unified Endpoint Management.

Whilst previous versions appeared less effective, Microsoft Defender Antivirus has evolved into a complete antivirus package. It has the ability to use machine learning, data analysis, in-depth threat resistance, and the Microsoft cloud infrastructure to deliver improved protection against malware. Defender also blocks exploits and network-based attacks and protects against phishing sites. Whether you are looking for security for a remote machine, a virtual machine, or multiple PCs in a large organisation, Microsoft Defender Antivirus can provide advanced enterprise endpoint protection for little to no cost to your business.

Some key facts about Microsoft Defender Antivirus

  • Tested against more than 20,000 malware examples, Microsoft Defender Antivirus received a perfect score for protection against zero-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and email threats, as well as the detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in a 4-week spread.
  • Automated malware detection has improved accuracy for fewer infections and false-positives, as well as better automated investigation capabilities.
  • Combining the knowledge of cybersecurity experts across 77 countries interpreting and contributing to the insights gained from advanced engineering, telemetry, artificial intelligence (AI) and Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, this solution is able to analyse over 8 trillion security data signals per day through continuous, real-time monitoring.
  • Artificial intelligence accurately identifies legitimate attack patterns while allowing safe software to pass.
  • Detects and mitigates ‘zero-day attacks’, a new discovered vulnerability exploiting weaknesses in software unknown to the vendor or developer.


At Alliance Business Technologies, we ensure all our security practices evolve with the changing digital environment. Our solutions are comprehensively tested and up-to-date with the latest technology before being deployed internally and externally to our clients. We will soon be moving your workstations to Microsoft Defender Antivirus, providing your Windows 10 with the most comprehensive antivirus security for businesses in 2021.

Additionally, Microsoft has developed Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. The next-level enterprise security platform designed to help organisations prevent, detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats. We strongly recommend our clients to use Microsoft Defender Antivirus together with Defender for Endpoint, to have the best possible protection.

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