New service: Appointment scheduling

New service: Appointment scheduling

Alliance Business Technologies always aims to give you, our client, the best experience possible when reaching out to us for assistance. We know that sometimes it can be a little challenging to find a convenient time for us to work on your issues. We typically will call you and potentially disturb you while you are working on something far more important.

With one of our external partners we have implemented a feature where you can choose when you would like us to reach out to you. We will actually give you access to our scheduling systems! This is how it works.

  • Our service desk initially receives your request for support and classifies it.
  • Depending the urgency of the ticket we will plan our actions. We may call you directly if the issue is urgent, or assign the ticket to an engineer.
  • The engineer (or their team leaders) can then invite you to book a session.
    • The first step will be to have the system send you an email with a link to our scheduling system.
    • In this email we will let you know if we need a quick phone call, a remote session on your PC or even an onsite visit. You then proceed to choose the best time that suits YOU.
    • Your selected date and time is directly booked into our system and the engineer will contact you at the agreed time.
    • Of course we will send you a confirmation by email. If something isn’t right you can just give us a ring and we’ll happy rebook the session.

Please do note there are situations where waiting for a scheduled appointment is simply not practical. In those cases we may reach out.
We welcome any questions or comments about this new service. We do believe this solution will make your experience much more convenient.

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