Keep your business connected with cloud printing

Keep your business connected with cloud printing

Printing is a fundamental task in just about every office and small business environment.

Whether you have recently moved your infrastructure to the cloud for flexibility, or are looking to replace your legacy on-premise servers, you might be wondering “what about our printing facilities?”.

Now is a perfect time to start migrating your organization’s printing away from traditional print management to a print management system that is secure, reliable, and accessible anywhere anytime.

Make printing a part of your cloud-first strategy today!

What is ‘cloud-based’ print management?

It is a cloud-based multi-tenant subscription service especially designed to provide a complete cloud-managed print infrastructure and secure printing environment. It eliminates on-premise infrastructure with cloud technology that is scalable by design, and can handle any number of users and printers giving you flexibility, security, and mobile printing.

How it works

The service is established by deploying a printing client on your devices. Any printer discovered in your network is presented to you in your web interface. Your configuration data is stored securely in your own personalized home portal in the cloud, and so are print drivers that the client uploads. Your client is built to only work with your home portal and users are required to sign in before use.

The secure and flexible methods of printing with this solution is achieved by informing the cloud management platform what to do with this document. Users can print directly (as usual) or they can print securely and release documents from our printing app on their phone, tablet and computer at any given time.

Top 5 reasons to move to cloud-based printing?

  • Print-Ready Convenience
    • Easily onboard new employees and remote users with Microsoft Azure AD and Single Sign-On via Office 365.
  • Serverless Architecture
    • Moving to a secure, cloud managed print infrastructure significantly reduces on-premise infrastructure costs, services, support and maintenance fees.
  • A Product for All
    • With independent and multi-vendor support, print to any printer from any BYOD or mobile device, reliably and securely.  
  • Simplify Print Management
    • Automatically deploy, install, manage, and update drivers, fixes and features.
  • Improve Productivity
    • Submit, postpone and release documents when it suits you, to prevent others collecting your confidential documents.

Are you ready to move your printing to the cloud?

The increased use of public cloud services has reinforced cloud adoption to be the ‘new normal,’ now more than ever. Contact us to get your cloud printing services set up today.

Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

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