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Workstations and Thin Clients

ABTechnologies has over 15 years experience in procuring, assembling and testing desktop & laptop computers. We have supplied thousands of computers to businesses, schools and other organisations in Brisbane and across Australia. We can supply most major brands of PCs and laptops, or for the most demanding computing tasks we can design & build custom workstations. All hardware is put through rigorous quality-assurance processes before delivery, and can be optioned with nationwide on-site warranty coverage.

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Workstations and Thin Clients - What's the Difference?

What is a Workstation?

A workstation is a conventional computer that has its own operating system & software residing on its own hard drive. Workstations can be used independently or they can be attached to a server.

It is intended to be used for business and professional use rather than home and recreational. Workstations are generally used by small engineering companies, graphic designers, architects and any individual that require faster microprocessors, high-speed graphic adapters and access memory.

 What is a Thin Client?

A thin client does not have a hard drive or software, and only has a very basic operating system that allows it to connect to a server, therefore thin client computers can only be used in conjunction with a server.

Thin clients are used as a PC replacement technology to help staff and customers access any virtual desktop or virtualized application from anywhere. Using thin clients provides a cost-effective way for businesses to create a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Key Benefits

Purposely built for high performance and heavy workloads

Designed to be tailored to your specifications and price range

Workstations are designed to support one or more professional-grade graphics cards.

Key Benefits

Low cost and robust with longer usable lifespan than PCs

Applications only need to be updated and installed on the server.

Users have access to the same desktop environment, data and application from any terminal they connect from

Know when to use Workstations and Thin Clients

Choose a thin client when:

  • You already have a terminal server / remote desktop server
  • You want to reduce electricity consumption
  • You want a lower overall cost of ownership

Choose a conventional PC when:

  • If you want the flexibility of either connecting to a server or working independently
  • You need the full power of PC hardware (e.g. – for graphic design or CAD work)
  • You want to run 2 or more screens on your computer