Up to 90% of all incoming communications are unsolicited.
Help keep this under control and ensure productivity 
and your internet connection are maintained.

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What is Email Protection and Filtering?

Spam email is the scourge of the internet and a chronic drain on productivity. In fact, according to a recent report by the Message, Mobile & Malware Anti-Abuse Working Group shows the spam is a growing problem, and that up to 90% of all incoming communications are unsolicited. Spam also clogs your internet connection and puts extra processing load on your server, which compounds the problem by slowing things down further. Most malware attacks today occur through a combination of spam and compromised web pages. Interacting with spam can put your personal information at risk as well as download a virus to your machine that may spread to other computers on the network.

Email cache and redelivery for up to 5 days --- Don’t lose that important customer email

Self-service portal- log in and check your own quarantined emails

Virus and malware filtering

On top of wasted time and lost productivity, viruses and other malware can spread through spam emails. Spam-borne malware is often coupled with ‘phishing’ attacks that seek to steal critical business information such as internet banking credentials. Spam filtering is a moving target, when spammer techniques change the filtering techniques must change – it’s a constant leapfrog game to stay ahead.

How ABTechnologies can help you

ABTechnologies can help you get spam under control, stay safe and be productive again.  Our solution filters your incoming email ‘in the cloud’ before it reaches your server:

  • Over 17 million filter rules
  • 100+ million senders reputation tracking system
  • Virus and malware filtering
  • Domain-wide filtering policies
  • Custom domain-level filter rule
  • Mail Bagging (5 days)

This cuts down on wasted bandwidth and reduces the workload on your server, meaning better performance and productivity for you.  There’s nothing to install or change on your server and the spam filter can be activated quickly.  If your server goes offline, the ‘mail bagging’ feature will cache emails & retry delivery for up to 5 days so you wont miss any email.

Did You Know?

Spam is on Average 78% of all emails sent
Advertising is the most common type of Spam
Spam Costs businesses $20.5 billion annually in decreased productivity and technical expenses

Spam Filter Pricing

Hosted Service Price Ex GST Period
Spam Filter per Domain $144 1 Year
Spam Filter for Additional Domains $75 1 Year
Spam Filter per Domain Monthly $12 Monthly
Spam Filter for Additional Monthly $6.25 Monthly