Cloud migrations: the Ingram Micro partnership proves its efficiency again

Cloud migrations: the Ingram Micro partnership proves its efficiency again

Project Description

Case Study

Partner: Ingram Micro


Industry: Information Technology

Products/Services: Professional Services

Main Service: IT infrastructure, IT Applications

Theme: Growth Partner of the Year from Ingram Micro Global Cloud & Innovation Summit 2023



Last May, Alliance Business Technologies won the Ingram Micro 2023 GCIS 30 Award in the ‘Growth Partner of the Year’ category. The Ingram Micro power shines through the ever-growing technical services and sales of Alliance Business Technologies.

Thank you for this award and this Case Study written in recognition of this synergy, creating value and providing the necessary knowledge to successfully resolve customer demands.

Find out more about the Ingram Micro’s case study below.

Company Description

“Alliance Business Technologies (ABTechnologies) is a leading provider of managed IT services, security, and cloud solutions to small and midsize businesses across Australia. With a reputation as a trusted partner, they enable their clients to focus on their core business by deploying high-quality IT infrastructure, information security measures and cloud solutions. Their offerings support critical business applications, enhance employee productivity and drive operational efficiency.”


“ABTechnologies faced challenges related to workload and client demands for cloud migrations. Meeting the increasing demand for cloud services while maintaining exceptional customer satisfaction levels proved to be a significant hurdle.”


“Partnering with Ingram Micro provided ABTechnologies with the means to address their challenges effectively. Leveraging Ingram Micro’s technical capabilities and internal resources, they could manage their workload more efficiently. The partnership allowed them to deliver cloud migration projects sooner than expected, resulting in improved client satisfaction. Additionally, Ingram Micro’s flexibility and expertise helped them venture into new markets, such as the education sector, by facilitating the migration of schools from traditional Office 365 enterprise agreements to Office 365 cloud solution provider licenses.”


“Through their partnership with Ingram Micro, ABTechnologies successfully resolved specific challenges faced by their clients. With Ingram Micro’s consultation, they were able to engage clients resistant to cloud adoption and present alternative solutions to compete against traditional on-premises setups. This resulted in expanded opportunities and increased customer acceptance of cloud solutions.”

Furthermore, the collaboration with Ingram Micro led to cost savings and improved productivity for ABTechnologies. By utilizing Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, they enhanced their ability to support clients’ security and compliance postures. These initiatives positively impacted their business metrics and key performance indicators, leading to greater operational efficiency.”

Future Plans

“ABTechnologies has ambitious growth plans that involve further collaboration with Ingram Micro. They aim to utilize Ingram Micro’s professional services to support their project and technical teams in delivering even better solutions for their clients. By leveraging the expertise and resources provided by Ingram Micro, they seek to continue their growth trajectory, expand their service offerings and provide exceptional IT services to their clients.”

“ABTechnologies acknowledges Ingram Micro’s excellent account management, which includes effective communication and consistent follow-up. The partnership with Ingram Micro has proven to be instrumental in their success and they look forward to a continued fruitful collaboration as they strive to achieve their future goals.”

All the case study content comes from the Ingram Micro Case Study file created on the August 26th 2023.