Windows 10 Rollover

Windows Feature Updates and Windows 11

As your Managed Services Provider one of our tasks is to make sure your devices stay up to date. Microsoft constantly develops patches to ensure your systems remain safe and secure with the ever-changing landscape of applications and hardware. We will install these snippets of code on your device via our patch management process. Normally you won’t notice this happens. However, sometimes there is a critical emergency update that we need to install. We aim to accomplish this within 48 hours according to the “Essential 8 Cyber Security maturity model” we build our security services on (read more here: Essential Eight | We may need to reboot your device or server, even in the middle of the day.

Feature updates

Microsoft have a bi-annual system deployment of important improvements and cosmetic changes to your Windows installation. You could consider that twice per year your Windows would get a fresh install.  It is important to note that our systems do not manage these feature updates. Of course, we test new versions thoroughly, and assist you in case you run into issues, but we typically leave the installation of the Feature Update to Microsoft. You will receive an invitation pop-up to tell you a new version of Windows is available. Unfortunately, this sometimes meant that machines were not updated. Leading to users having machines with different features than others.

Then there is Windows 11

You may have heard that towards the end of the year Microsoft will make a new version available of its flagship operating system. We’ve seen it in previews and our insider program, and are actively working on ensuring this new version is safe and secure to deploy. It is important however to note that Windows 11 is not yet in General Availability (GA) which means that the release is not yet available to the public. We would strongly advise you not to install it on your production environment. We cannot guarantee it will work and support may not be covered by your agreements.

Let’s get prepared

To make sure that when Windows 11 becomes available we can get it to you as soon as it is practical and safe to do so, we need to ensure all your devices are up to date. This means that in the next few months we may push a feature update to your machine if yours is behind. That way we can ensure that a potential upgrade to Windows 11 will be seamless and smooth. A word of caution though: Windows 11 comes with specific system requirements. Older machines may not be eligible for the upgrade. In that case we will let you know.

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