Limiting internet access and content has never been more important.

Why Use Internet Filtering?

Over the years there has been a rapid increase in limiting access to Internet content. Enforcing appropriate internet usage is a core component of your overall IT security plan. Our team has helped both large and small businesses across Australia stay safe and productive by securing their Internet.

How ABTechnologies can help you

Internet Filtering DiagramDo you know what services are being used on your network?  It’s easy to be distracted by time-wasting sites such as Facebook, and video streaming sites like YouTube eat up bandwidth and slow your Internet.  These relatively innocuous sites still have the power to zap productivity from your team.

Internet usage also impacts on security – there may be back-doors or insecure remote access software set up.  Effective Internet filtering can help discover which cloud services are used by employees at your organization, and enforce better security for your business. We deliver security using the Internet’s existing infrastructure, to keep malware from compromising your systems and to stop botnets or phishing from stealing your data. Internet restrictions can be enabled through a number of strategies, there are three commonly used techniques to block access, these include IP blocking, DNS tampering and URL blocking using a proxy.

Cloud-delivered security blocks attacks without sacrificing performance and allows you to enforce acceptable Internet usage in your business. Whether you’ve got one location or many and want to get visibility of your company’s Internet Usage ABTechnologies can deliver effective Internet filtering across your whole organisation.

Interested in Internet Filtering?

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