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Why Use Antivirus?

In the modern, connected world, criminals have used the power of the internet to export their scams around the world. There are different types of malware threats – from annoying adware that wastes your internet bandwidth, to more complex threats that can steal sensitive data and even extort money. When you get hit with a virus or malware infection, not only do you suffer the direct costs of cleaning systems and repairing the damage, there’s also the indirect costs of downtime & lost productivity, or even worse – losing all your files and other important data. Since the dawn of malicious code-writing, malware has evolved and traditional, reactive models cannot hope to address the innovative threats being disseminated today.

How to Effectively use Threat Intelligence

Real-time, PC-to-PC Intelligence
Reputation, intelligence/IP Monitoring
Monitor data changes within infrastructure
Monitoring unknown objects on network

Top % of Applications Threatened by Cyberattacks

  • Browsers
  • Adobe Reader
  • Office
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Java
  • Andriod

Our Solutions

At ABTechnologies we utilise the market leading cloud based, real-time internet threat detection antivirus to ensure that your business is protected. Our solution combines live monitoring of devices and servers, with the world’s largest malware detection net. By ensuring all devices have antivirus installed with the latest up to date definitions, our solution ensures that you can focus on your business. Monitored Antivirus combined with a robust spam filter and backup solution will reduce the risk of   damage to your business from viruses or Crytolocker.

If you are unsure if you IT system is protected, call us now to discuss how we can formulate a plan to safe guard your business.

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